Bridal Shower Photos June 25, 2006

Photos for Kristy. ;)
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heatherdawn Jun 26, 2006

Self Portraits

Pictures of me. Or as I like to call it: Me playing with my camera settings. :P
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heatherdawn Jun 23, 2006

Amanda Smooshes Bobby

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heatherdawn Jun 21, 2006
For Jen and Salvid

For Jen and Sal

Happy Mother's Day. :)
heatherdawn May 14, 2006

Flowers & Flowery Things

Pretty flowers. :)
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heatherdawn May 11, 2006
The Moonpic

The Moon

Waxing crescent with 35% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.
heatherdawn May 03, 2006
Art Glasspic

Art Glass

I bought this piece when we went to the renaissance fest back in March. I love it very much. :)
heatherdawn May 03, 2006

My backyard

Things living in my backyard or just stopping by :)
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heatherdawn Apr 21, 2006

Heatherdawn's Photo Stream

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heatherdawn Apr 11, 2006
Flower cupcake. :pic

Flower cupcake. :)

My friend at work gave me this beautiful cupcake for my birthday (March 9th). I shot it in my .raw (.nef :P) setting so it…
heatherdawn Mar 31, 2006


Luck 'o the Irish, Irish stew, kiss the blarney stone and all that to everyone. :) Tee hee. my hair is green. :P
heatherdawn Mar 17, 2006

Valerie's Birthday Party

She is 7 years old now! :)
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heatherdawn Mar 12, 2006


I haven't done this in a while. Any volunteers? ;D (Psst... Jen.) :P
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heatherdawn Mar 12, 2006
I the Office stickerspic

I ♥ the Office stickers

I bought these and then had great fun the past week with them at work. :D
heatherdawn Mar 10, 2006
The power went out last nightpic

The power went out last night

So I took every opportunity to light all the candles I have. :) Bobby thought it was a level 1 zombie outbreak. I consoled him…
heatherdawn Mar 09, 2006

Bay Area Renaissance Festival

March 5th, 2006
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heatherdawn Mar 05, 2006
Bobby Sukipic

Sal's 5th Birthday Party

A few photos from his party. :)
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heatherdawn Feb 19, 2006
I Want Candy!!!pic

I Want Candy!!!

Bobby gave these doggie treats to Suki and Sassy for Valentine's day. Sassy REALLY liked them. :)
heatherdawn Feb 17, 2006

Astrophotography: Blurs and Blobs

Photos taken through the telescope and not. :)
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heatherdawn Feb 13, 2006
45 Degreespic

45 Degrees

Too cold for sandals! :P
heatherdawn Feb 13, 2006

Its just my eye again. ;)

One thing I have discovered since I have had my new camera: My pores look way too large. :P
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heatherdawn Feb 13, 2006
Pictures of Mepic
Part of Orion. pic

Part of Orion. ;)

Trying out my new camera I shot this and had to post it. :D
heatherdawn Feb 05, 2006


Cookies. :D
heatherdawn Feb 05, 2006
Suki wants to say hi. pic

Suki & Sassy

My two sweet little girls. :) Suki's Dogster Sassy's Dogster
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heatherdawn Feb 03, 2006
My New Camera! :Dpic

My New Camera! :D

I just got this Nikon D50 digital SLR and I don't know how to use it very well, lol. ;) I pulled it out of the…
heatherdawn Feb 02, 2006
A Kid and a Hillvid

A Kid and a Hill

This is a silly video from my camera from our trip to Highpoint, New Jersey. :)
heatherdawn Jan 31, 2006

The Poconos - January 2006

Our vacation to the Poconos in Bushkill, Pa.
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heatherdawn Jan 13, 2006
While THEY Were Out. :pic

While THEY Were Out. :(

The show While You Were Out was on my street doing someone's house on Monday, but we were driving to the airport at 6:30 am…
heatherdawn Jan 11, 2006


Eight books. Well seven, one is a dictionary. Seven freakin' books. How can I read all that in just four months? :P
heatherdawn Jan 07, 2006

New Year's Eve 2005

Kristy & Jason's New Year's Eve Party
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heatherdawn Jan 06, 2006
Sal visited the bank?!pic

Sal visited the bank?!

We all had a good laugh when even Sal's dad called to ask if he'd done it. :D
heatherdawn Dec 19, 2005
What Do You Think? :pic

What Do You Think? :)

Bobby got this great new haircut today while we were out Christmas shopping. He is SO proud of his new look. :P
heatherdawn Dec 12, 2005


This little guy was hanging out behind Sears digging up acorns. :D
heatherdawn Dec 10, 2005


(You need to see this with red and blue glasses :)
heatherdawn Dec 08, 2005
Me Todaypic

Self Portraits

Pictures of me. Or as I like to call it: Me playing with my camera settings. :P
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heatherdawn Dec 06, 2005
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  • Education: College Graduate

About Me:

I am in college currently seeking my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education (better late than never!); however I may change that in the future because I would like to teach middle school. Strangely that age group of children is the most overlooked and taken for granted, especially when a 12 year old looks like he is 21. :P Not surprisingly this is the most common age group for children to develop identity problems, antisocial behaviors and eating disorders. In America today it is almost always customary for a child to instantaneously go from elementary school to adult-like responsibility with almost no transition period or explanation as to what is really happening to them and why. I suppose the reason I feel so strongly about this subject is because I hated school and strongly resented the fact I had to go, especially in view of the fact that I already knew everything they were redundantly trying to teach everyone. I still find myself in ?resent mode? when I am sitting in class to this day. That is enough ranting about this topic for now. :P
Hmm, what else is there to say about me?
I was born in West Virginia and moved here to Florida with my mother when I was about 2 years old. I went to a whole bunch of schools and I once canoed the Suwannee River. I am married to a guy named Rob and I have a son named Bobby and two doggies; Suki and Sassy. (You might notice them from my photos.)
Not much comes to mind at the moment so I'll just leave it at that.
I still don't know very much, but I hope I can change that before I die. :)
P.S. I'm a sun goddess! :D Funny cause I never go outside in the daytime. :P


I like photography. Especially when the photos are different in a way that it is not normally seen unless you really think about it. I also enjoy learning about new things in photography. Especially astrophotography. So far I have quite a few nice photos of the moon, few blurry pictures of Jupiter and Saturn and a couple of smudgy blobs of Mercury., I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, new things and, of course taking pictures of those things. I enjoy computer games, growing things and cooking sometimes., All these lists make it difficult to think of stuff to put on here. How can I narrow favorite books, movies, music and television down to just a few words seperated by commas!? I'll try, jeez....

Favorite Music:

Jack Johnson, Built to Spill, Stereophonics, Cake, Dru Hill, Camper Van Beethoven, Natalie Merchant, 10, 000 Maniacs, Travis, The Cure, Modest Mouse, Something Corporate, Saves the Day, Ash, Tenacious D, They Might Be Giants, Transplants, Supergrass, Concrete Blonde, Marcy Playground, Lemonheads, Weezer, Good Charlotte, The Cult, I can't think of more right now and my taste changes almost every day. :P

Favorite Movies:

Lord of the Rings, I am an addict I must admit, Royal Wedding, The Big Hit, The Whole Nine Yards, Hudson Hawk, Highlander, Ladyhawke, Back to the Future, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, GalaxyQuest, hmm, I like a lot of movies! Indiana Jones movies....

Favorite TV Shows:

Firefly, Red Dwarf, Dead Like Me, Dr. Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Nova, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, it's just funny :P, Hamish Macbeth, and I like Desperate Housewives and Medium, too. :) Oh and that show with the crab fishermen..can't...look...away.

Favorite Books:

I am currently reading Anna Karenina, but I don't really have any favorite books. I like all of them pretty much equally except certian boring textbooks :P (Philosophy textbook...), The Secret Garden is such a cute book!

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